Pabalikin si Andy Bautista para magpaliwanag at managot tungkol sa 2016 election fraud


"BBM Election Protest &
Return Ex-Comelec Chairman Bautista

The news nowadays is not mentioning about the BBM Petition with the PET. What happens? Let us put in the light!

The Election 2016 VP protest of BBM looks like still long way to go. This protest should not have been done if the election was honestly conducted by the Comelec. The very problem is the Comelec because they allow to be manipulated by the previous administration especially Panot that he himself told to the public that he will not allow any Marcos to be in Malacanang again. Because Panot noticed that time that BBM will win as VP in the Election 2016, so he manipulated the Comelec with the tandem of Smartmatic under the Comelec Chairman Bautista & he is no longer in the Philippines.

Being a Filipino voter & supporter of BBM, I urge others to join the media force to ask the government law enforcing authority to bring back the election manipulator Bautista, former comelec chairman, to face the accusation against him of vote fraud. This is our strong protest to the Administration until Bautista is brought back to the Philippines to tell the truth of the Election 2016. He cannot just leave the mess he has done in that election. Thank you to all.” – JUN BARTOLOME